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Hey, I'm Jordan.I'm a 22 y.o (21/5) female and I'm a full time uni student; studying to be a teacher.
Mostly there is a lot of health & fitness related post on my blog, but sometimes my (not so secret) obsessions in life sneak in there.

These include Marvel, Korean, Travel, Doctor Who, Movie and TV related thing....ect ect, you get the deal.

HEIGHT: 160cm
HW: 72kg

"Isn’t it boring being on an all vegetable diet?"



you tell me

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Friend/Family Member: So, I wanna lose weight.
Me: *slams down binder of fitness/weight loss facts and charts* I CAN TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW EVER ABOUT ANYTHING


There’s a bit of a difference alright 👌

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im a really affectionate person once you get past my 5 layers of shyness, awkwardness, fear, vague dislike, and loneliness

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200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

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