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Hey, I'm Jordan. I'm a 21 y.o(21/5) female and I'm a full time uni student; studying to be a teacher.
This blog is a way to help keep me motivated on my life mission: to get fit and healthy.
Sometimes my posts are not always fitness/health related, becuase lets face it I'm an eclectic mix. I love Korean Culture, fitness related things, fitness clothes, ebay, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Anime, POLE DANCING. and yes I do pole dancing, its amazing give it a try!

If you get motivated by me, don't hesitate to send me messages and follow me :) I am PRO HEALTHY EATING+FITNESS
HEIGHT: 160cm
HW: 72kg




what if guys came coffee… i’ll have one ejaculatte please

I just spit out my coffee

You’re supposed to swallow it

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When someone tries to get in the way of me and my food






So what if I’m 168 pounds? So what if I’m considered overweight? So what if I have ~chubs~ on my stomach?

Am I less beautiful? Am I less worthy of love? Am I more deserving of hate?


My body is not at it’s healthiest or leanest or best looking but that doesn’t mean I should love it any less. I embrace the fact that I will build muscle, gain fat, lean out, and get bloated. I embrace the fact that my boobs tendency to grow and shrink so much will require multiple bra sizes stashed in my drawer. I embrace the fact that different clothes for my body differently and that the number or size label is irrelevant.

I enjoy what I see. And I don’t care if you don’t.

Let me speak out for the girls that care about their bodies enough to put in the work to change it. This is what pisses me off; some fat bitch wants the same treatment of her looks as a girl that is in the gym busting her ass every day. No. That isn’t how it works. Guess what? You are held accountable for your actions, and their results. Don’t expect to be treated the same for quitting and being a little butch about it.

You do realize that she posted this picture because she is happy with what progress she has made, right? You do realize that you called out “girls that care about their bodies enough to put in the work to change it” that that is exactly what she is doing, correct? She is holding herself accountable. Did you not go to her blog and read all her goals, ambitions, dreams, workouts, food diaries, and everything else she posts to hold herself accountable for being the best person she can be? Or did you just reblog this picture for instant fame and everyone to come check out your blog as you spew hate? Not everyone is going to look like Dana Lynn Baily, and not everyone is going to look like Jamie Eason. Some females are power lifters, they are busting their ass and have different goals and obviously will have different looks. Some females are yogi’s and can contort their face to sniff their own ass. Just because someone doesn’t fit the mold YOU want them too doesn’t mean they’re a fat bitch. You should be ashamed of yourself. For someone who thinks they’re hot shit, you should be trying to uplift people and inspire them. Not bring them down. And trust me, your body isn’t exactly a Lazar Angelov status either. You could really hit that bench press more in my opinion.  Don’t be fucking nasty to someone you don’t even know. Don’t bring down others because you are not happy with yourself. 

Holy shit how on fucking earth can you write such things?!??! Do you not know that she’s one of the best role models here on tumblr?! That she’s got an amazing attitude mixed together with amazing determination and a fucking amazing body(both able to do things people dream of and looking like dayyyimmmm). Shut up the hate because you’re talking out of your league and you should be ashamed of yourself!(this is nothing compared to Megan who laid down the words!)

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When I read my best friend’s mind


me 24/7