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Hey, I'm Jordan. I'm a 21 y.o(21/5) female and I'm a full time uni student; studying to be a teacher.
This blog is a way to help keep me motivated on my life mission: to get fit and healthy.
Sometimes my posts are not always fitness/health related, becuase lets face it I'm an eclectic mix. I love Korean Culture, fitness related things, fitness clothes, ebay, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Anime, POLE DANCING. and yes I do pole dancing, its amazing give it a try!

If you get motivated by me, don't hesitate to send me messages and follow me :) I am PRO HEALTHY EATING+FITNESS
HEIGHT: 160cm
HW: 72kg

New bottle 💕 #drinkmorewater #typo #somuchlove #1literofwater #liquidgold #love

New bottle 💕 #drinkmorewater #typo #somuchlove #1literofwater #liquidgold #love

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